Album: Hypersleep (2011)

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Song: Shapeshifters

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The collective originally known as Voyager formed in late 2007, with the intent of seeing whether five individuals who had all spent time touring with bands of differing styles could combine their influences to create something musically cohesive. The only initial goal was to craft songs that were epic in scope, while firmly rooted in organic, forceful songwriting. As the group's writing process progressed, thematic elements of science fiction and hints of space rock influences became more apparent. The Boston 5-piece released a well-received self-titled EP in 2008 and proceeded to generate buzz within the hardcore and 'post-metal' communities based on massive, wall-of-sound style live performances. A limited vinyl-only split release with Philadelphia-based band Monolith followed in early 2010. After a year of schedule conflicts and limited live shows, the group has re-emerged with a more stable lineup as VYGR, and has recorded their debut full-length record, "Hypersleep", at the Planet-Z studio in Hadley, MA with renowned producer Zeuss (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed, Crowbar) at the helm.

Guitarist PJ Mion states: "Working with Zeuss was a great experience for us. From the start he was on board with wanting to capture our live sound, getting everything to sound huge while avoiding the use of sound replacement/re-amping etc. The end result is a heavy, spaced out metal record that actually sounds like it was played by human beings; production-wise, it all sounds clear and balanced but still raw where it should be."

Featuring an hour of sonic heaviness for fans of Cult of Luna, Old Man Gloom, and Neurosis, VYGR combines devastating riff-driven sludge , ambient doom, and atmospheric space rock in their long awaited full length release. "Hypersleep" was released in North America on March 15th. The band plans on hitting the road in support of the record throughout the rest of the year.